Filename Overwrite

When you do an audio mixdown export C6 allows you to automagically rename the exported file if a file of the same name already exists in the target directory. This is great!

A window pops up when this happens and offers you the choice to “Overwrite” or “Create New”. If you select “create new” it appends configurable data to the filename and an incrementing “serial” number (also configurable). You specify the naming convention from a number of options.

I’ve noticed that when I select “Overwrite” it replaces the existing file as expected but appends " - " (ie ) to the filename anyway. It’s a small matter, of course, to delete this afterwards but it’s probably not what’s supposed to happen.


Hello James,

I cannot reproduce this one. Which Cubase version do you use exactly ? The 32-bit or the 64-bit version of Cubase 6 ?




I’ve done a couple more experiments and discovered what’s causing it.

When I opened “Naming Scheme” from the export screen there was a hyphen in the separator field. Deleting this has solved the issue. Not sure how it got there, I don’t recall typing it myself but on the other hand I had been exploring this feature some days ago so that’s possible.

Anyway, issue resolved. Sorry to have wasted your time.