Filenaming has changed?

Upgraded to 9.5

Now when I render a file and want to rename the wave file - the filename is put in parentheses after the original event name - which I don’t wan’t to see anymore.

This is a new behaviour since upgrading to 9.5

what am I missing?

for example - I have an event named Lead Vox

I tune it and use render in place - in the upper left hand corner I rename the file “Lead Vox Tuned” - Which is what I also want to see on my event…

But now since 9.5 the event shows “Lead Vox (Lead Vox Tuned)”

extremely irritating

anyone? either it’s a bug or something has changed that I’m not aware of

The name in brackets is the description. Can be edited or removed in th info line.

The name inside the parentheses is the Filename. Meanwhile the Event Description (which is referred to in the Event Line as just “Description”) is outside of the parentheses.

If the Filename and Event Description are the same text string (which is what they are by default when you record an audio event), then no parenthesized Filename is displayed inside the Event.

If the Filename and Event Description are different (for example, if you manually change the Filename within the Info Line or the Pool Window), then the Event will be labeled with:

Event Description (Filename)

Be default, the Info Line hides the Event Description field, so you have to enable this field by clicking on the settings wheel of the Info Line.

Personally, I hate this new behavior in Cubase 9.5. I’d much rather have the Event Description change automatically with the Filename unless I have specifically typed a new Event Description into the Info Line for that Event.

Enable the “Description” field in the Info Line.

Right after you type in “Lead Vox Tuned” into the File field of the Info Line in the upper-left corner, tab over to Description and hit Del or Backspace. As soon as you hit Enter or click on something else, Description will then autofill with “Lead Vox Tuned”, and the label on the Event will only show “Lead Vox Tuned” without the parentheses.

I hate Cubase 9.5’s handling of Filename and Event Description.

I wish there were some setting or preference that reverted back to Cubase 9’s behavior for Filename and Event Description. I haven’t found a setting yet, and I don’t see anything in the 9.5 manual about this topic.

For me this new behaviour is annoying too…
Thanks for explaining the Description thing, I had hidden the field in the Info line and was not aware of it.

Has anyone found a solution to this issue? It’s driving me absolutely bonkers and I have to go back to Cubase 8.5 to bounce and rename all of my files, then open them in Cubase 10, then re-import every audio file in order for the project to display properly.

Thanks in advance

This is super annoying when working on large number of assets like games. In which professional world are parentheses or dual names are used in filenaming conventions? Please give us the option to remove the dual naming.

I absolutely agree that it’s annoying and confusing. I just don’t understand why there isn’t an option to turn off this behavior when it negatively affects so many people.

I’m at the point where I track in Cubase Pro 8.5 and do any renders in 10.5, then go back to 8.5 in order to correctly name each file. I feel like this is a ridiculous an unnecessary step, making 10.5 fairly worthless for me, especially given how they’ve changed the Spectrum Analyzer, making it fairly worthless in every version past 8.5 as well.

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So I take it that this has never been addressed?

I waste SO MUCH TIME each day renaming files in the Pool, followed by removing the files in parenthesis from the project, then copying and pasting the correct names of the audio files back into the project.

Why isn’t there an option to turn off this “feature” that was added in Cubase 10 (or whatever)? I’d really like to speak with the person who thought this was a good idea, because it was a BAD idea.