Files are being corrupted in Wavelab

I need help. We’ve been using Wavelab for over 20 years here with pretty much no issues. Most of our files are on a network server, and all of our workstations are on Windows.

The bulk of our files are hour long, mono spoken word. For the past few months, we’ve had a problem where when we save a file, about the last third of the wav file becomes corrupted. This happens about once a week for one of us on the team.

The corruption is a loud static sounding distortion that is not represented in the .gpk wave form. If I click “rebuild display” Then I’ll will see the distortion.

The problem has affected three of us here. We have 4 heavy users, and a few occasional users.
The three computers are very different:
Computer 1 - Custom built ADK Windows 10, Wavelab 11.1. and Wavlab 10.
Computer 2 - Dell workstation Windows 11, Wavelab 11.1
Computer 3 - Dell desktop Windows 10, Wavelab 10.
We’ve had these computers for about 2 years and didn’t have any problems until a few months ago. We also use Cubase, Vegas Video, Reaper and Izotope RX. We haven’t had a problem with the other programs, but we also don’t use them as often. I never use network files in Cubase, but I do in Vegas and RX (in RX, I almost always read from a network location, but write to a local drive).

This problem happens mostly, if not always when we work on network files. I suspect there is a network problem, but our IT guys don’t think so.

What are some things that could cause this sudden file corruption? I don’t think this is a Wavelab problem, but maybe it’s related to how Wavelab writes files to a network compared to other programs.

In the mean time, we’re trying to keep files local as much as possible, but that really hampers our productivity.

Thanks for your help!

Please use WaveLab 11.2
This version corrects a problem that could very well explain your case.

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Thanks PG. Would that also explain why Wavelab 10 is having problems too?


Normally no, but you should use WaveLab 11.2 anyway.