$$$ files being created in WL 10

what are these .$$$ files i’m seeing now created in WL 10? (see attachment)

and any timeline on a potential bug fix update? looking forward to using WL10 on sessions once the bugs are ironed out!

i guess more importantly, how do i stop WL from creating them? 9.5 didn’t create them… at least that i knew of…
Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 12.32.29 PM.png

These files are created in several contexts, notably when editing audio. They should be erased when quitting WaveLab.

is there a way to stop their creation? my 9.5 system does not create them… it does create those peak files… which i’ve relegated off to a hidden folder hoping never to see again… but these .$$$ are new to me in 10.

$$$ are not new to WaveLab 10, they have always existed.
But you can choose where to create them in the folder preferences. Temporary item.