files/export/video option dont appear

Hello, I have the cubase pro 10.5.20 recently updated and it turns out that I do not have the option to export video, I do not know why the export video dialog does not appear.
Does anyone know why this is happening to me?
Thanks in advance.

If you run Windows 7, it will not show. Don’t waste your time upgrading though, the export video function is useless now: it doesn’t allow you to select the video resolution and you end up with huge video files that you have to re-encode anyway.

Same problem for me. But running on Windows 10 , and still no Video Export option . Any ideas why that might be ? Thanks a million in advance :slight_smile:

Same thing here, I updated to 10.5 (elements) to get this function mostly. But I have windows 7 … Can I have my money back? lol