Files exported from Dorico as WAV are NOT lining up with Logic session in same tempo

This is bizarre. I originally created some tracks in Logic with quarter=185 and exported MIDI to Dorico where I edited and created a score. Now I want to re-import some of those tracks from Dorico back to Logic (using Dorico’s Export as Audio). I’ve made sure that in Dorico quarter STILL equals 185 and that there are no hidden tempo changes. However, when I re-import (at the same pitch as expected, meaning it isn’t an issue with the wrong sampling rate, etc.), the audio is definitely no longer at the same tempo. I’m using Note Performer for playback and it sounds metronomic WITHIN Dorico, so I’m wondering: is there anything else that might be going on that would cause the tempo not to match any longer?
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To add to what I said above: it appears that although Dorico’s mm= quarter=185, the track actually plays back at quarter=180 when imported into Logic. I should stress that it’s also not set in Logic to auto adjust the tempo of the imported WAV file in any way. Strange.

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Are you talking to yourself? :smiley:
You realize there is an Edit button (the pencil icon) so you can correct or add to an earlier post.

While I may have been accused of talking to myself on SOME occasions :slight_smile: in this case I was too lazy to re-edit, plus it was something I discovered after the fact and thought I might as well reflect that fact by adding to the original in a follow-up post…

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I’ve just tried this out and it works as expected for me. I created a score with about 150 bars of quarter notes with q=185, then exported to audio and imported the WAV into Cubase, and set the tempo to 185bpm. The beats line up perfectly.

Could it be that the sample rate of the audio file is different to the sample rate of your Logic project?

I considered that, but the pitches were correct and I presumed that they would also have been off if that was the problem. When I can, perhaps I can send you the file.

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Sounds like a sample rate 44k vs 48k problem?

That was my initial thought too, though that have meant the tempo was around 169bpm.

if pitch is still correct and not moved by a semitone I would expect it’s something to do with the rendering process. Is it rendering at high speed? For example when exporting to audio in Sibelius with NotePerformer, it exports at about 10x normal playback speed.

Does the wav file play back at correct tempo outside logic or dorico? e.g. in a generic wav file player?