Files from Voice Recorder won't import

What am I missing here? For the last few years I have used Logic and Studio One for commercial production and interviews for my radio job. Often, I take my iPad with an IK Multimedia Mic Pre and record on location with clients. Air drop interviews to my phone as backup to ipad and get to my main studio, air drop the file to Mac, then drag into Studio One or Logic.

Well, with Steinberg no longer requiring the irritating dongle and allowing me to use Cubase on my desktop, laptop and my Windows box (without the dongle, as they allow three computer installs per license) I want to again work with Cubase for production.

However, I can’t drop my iPad interviews into Cubase. The file won’t convert. What am I missing here, guys? Is there a preference or something that can turn on this feature?
Surely Cubase can do this when every other DAW does?



I think that the format is an Apple format and Cubase doesn’t read the apple formats. You have to use Wavelab to convert them. I think you could also use logic to convert the track in standard WAV file and then export it from logic like you would Wavelab. I’ve mostly used the Zoom recorders and that produces a standard MP3 or WAV file.

…or configure your recording app to use a different format, like aiff, wav.

Why Wavelab? Surely there exists a free software to convert audio formats on Mac?

Audacity might do it. But might be easier to check the record format in the recorder app.