Files missing for Groove Agent .

After upgrading to Pro 10.5
I am now missing the Simon Phillips Jazz drums …
A running project - big problem .
Not in the " My Pruducts " No activation code …
I dont have the order email … But i payed for it .

And Support dont answer ,- submitting tickets for days - no repley in 5-6 days.

I hopr for some help , Thanks


Where can i find my Order historie

That product should be available to download through the Steinberg Download Assistant …

Jes, i did that … But my activation is missing … And it´s gone from my productslist … And my invoise is nowhere to be found … I think i deleted it

I don’t completely understand. Was it previously activated? I’m assuming so if you say you are using it in a current project. By “my activation is missing” do you mean it does not show in the eLicenser Control Center?