Files not loading from double-click

Occasionally, when I double-click on a Dorico project file in the Mac Finder, Dorico comes to the front, but the document does not load. Doing it a second time will work.

Has anyone else observed this? I don’t know if it’s a Dorico issue or a general Mac weirdness. I’ve not observed it with any other file type, though.

I’m on MacOS Mohair 10.14.2.

Does the file name have a comma or something similar in it?

No, nothing like that. As said, it will bring Dorico to focus, but the file just doesn’t load. It’s occasional and inconsistent: double-clicking the file again will usually work the second time.

Check your pointing device preferences. It sounds like it is only registering a single click sometimes.

If that were the case, Dorico would not come to the foreground.

However, I’m going to assume that it’s a local problem, if no one else has observed it.

You’re right about that.

One other thought. Do you use iCloud? I’ve noticed that if I double click a file that is not currently on my local drive, then it needs to download it first and only then can you double click to open it. Not sure if this is consistent across all apps.

No, I’m not keen on Apple’s implementation of iCloud Drive.

This is pure speculation on my part, but I wonder whether some of the special handling we have to make Dorico not spawn a new instance when you double-click a file from the Finder or in Explorer could be getting tripped up from time to time? Qt applications in general are allowed to run multiple instances of themselves simultaneously, though this is often not the behaviour you want: instead you want a shell operation to pass the file, command or whatever to the running instance. On Mac, Launch Services handles this for you, but in an effort to keep Dorico as close to identical as possible on Windows and macOS, we actually use an additional Qt component on both platforms to manage this, and we have our suspicions that this could occasionally be responsible for little problems like this: the message to pass the handle to the project isn’t getting through every once in a while. We’re looking at removing this component in future and I would hope that this sporadic problem would not persist once we have done so.

Thanks, Daniel. I’ll try to investigate. It’s possible that it happens when Dorico already has a file open, so that might fit. It’s a very minor inconvenience.

It couldn’t be related to this, could it?

Nope. Dorico is launching fine and I have no problem with the e-licenser.