Files organisation and crashes after upgrade from Dorico 4 to 5 on Mac


I just upgraded from Dorico 4 to 5 and many files are still in the download folder of my Mac.
Some folders are empty as the “Groove Agent SE 5 - Content (recommended)” “Indian Drum Basics” “Jazz Essentials” and “Olympus Choir Micro”.
Where should I move the “HALion Sonic SE 3 - Content (recommended)” “HALion Symphonic Orchestra” folders with files in them on my system?

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CleanShot 2023-07-16

Once the upgrade is done you can safely delete all the corresponding files in your download folder. They can be downloaded again should you need them in the future.

Thank you for your reply.

I wish the upgrading process would be better…

I was worried that I get an error message as I move the HALion Sonic files.

It does it anyway freezing 3 times within 2 hours as I tried to open it.
I had to force quit to solve it.

Yesterday after finally getting Dorico to open I used it without problems but today after closing it,
it freezes at the opening and can’t get to work.

I will turn off the computer hoping it will fix it.

If it won’t start after you previously quit it, then that suggests that the VST Audio Engine process isn’t quitting.


Use Activity Monitor and kill this process (with the X icon shown in the toolbar in the picture).

In my experience, the installation folders in Downloads should be EMPTY if the installation has worked.

Check the Steinberg Library Manager app, click on the “Details” buttons, and check that none of the files listed are in the Downloads folder.

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