Files transfer


I have a hardware issue on iPad Pro and will have to replace the device soon. Curious if anyone has any suggestions for transferring all my Cubasis files. I’m pretty sure they are not saved to a cloud service via the C3 app.

Is there an easy way to do this? External device, drag and drop? Or drag into something like OneDrive? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Hi mchopkins,
If you have a usb-c to std usb lead you can use any usb memory drive to transfer files. Open the Files app and plug the drive into your iPad, you will notice it is named UNTITLED.
NOW search for and open the Cubasis folder, here you will find more folders, long press on a folder and select COPY, now tap on the UNTITLED drive and paste, do this for all folders.
After installing Cubasis 3 on you new device, open the Files app, search for and open Cubasis 3 folder. You will find the same set of folders as on your old iPad, these folders will be empty, delete them and paste in your saved folders from your usb memory drive, job done.
Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

This is extremely helpful, thank you! Are there any drives you recommend for the iPad running iOS 17?

Unfortunately you can’t run anything from a memory drive on iPad, storage is the only available option. I use a SanDisk 64Gb portable drive (stick), that’s more than adequate for my needs, I use mine to transfer audio and midi files to and from Cubase on desktop. It’s currently priced at £8.99 from Argos (uk)