Files with commas won't open when Hub is active

I know this was discussed a long time back, and I can’t seem to find the thread.

I’m still encountering a problem with opening files. If The Hub is up, and I double click on a Dorico file in Windows Explorer that has a comma in the file name, it won’t open. It gives me multiple dialog box errors with the message “No such file or directory.” I have to find them (sometimes hidden behind the Hub), click each one to close it out, and drag the file into the Hub.

I can work around it, but it’s so annoying that I’ve taken to omitting commas from file names just to avoid it.

Just today I discovered that I get the same error if there’s a comma in any part of the file path (in this case, the folder name).

Could a fix be considered, if someone else is able to duplicate it? It happens for me on two separate machines, so I don’t think it’s a quirk of my particular system.

Nothing has changed in this regard since this earlier discussion.

There it is. That’s fine, I can work around it. Thanks.

Hi, I just ran into this seemingly simple problem, too, and did a forum search. I now had the problem, that the forum software changed since then and all the links are broken. I suspect that daniel was referring to this thread:

Shortcut to the workaround: Just drag and drop the desired file from Explorer to the Steinberg Hub window to open it.
Anyways, I think this thing is so basic (doubleclicking a file in Explorer to open it) that it should work ALWAYS and the problem should be fixed (it’s known at least since 2018).