Files with the same name overwriting each other

I’m having an issue with Pro 8 whereby if I drag and drop audio files with the same name into an arrangement then the later file directly replaces the earlier file’s event.

I’m a sound designer and I have lots of numbered files, in this case I had a file called 90.wav from one of my soundbanks which got replaced when I tried to drop in another different file also called 90.wav from a different soundbank.

Any ideas?

Maybe you should not import the files to your project folder. Just use the original files.

Hi and welcome,

Where is the sound replaced, please? Do you mean in the project? Or in Pool (can you see one or two files in Pool)? Or on system level?

Are you on Mac or Windows?

Hi Svengali, yes I can just use the original files, however I prefer to have everything in the project that needs to be in there, so it’s not ideal.

Hi Martin, An additional file appears in the pool, but the sound is replaced in the project itself. It didn’t used to do this on Cubase 5, only since I’ve upgraded. I’m on Windows.

Thanks to both of you for getting back to me.

I’ve been trying to replicate the problem today and it does the same thing about 30% of the time, the rest of the time it’s fine. Sometimes once I’ve dropped in a few different files with the same name it stops me from adding more files with the same name with the error message “Can’t convert file of this type” - however I can usually get it to ‘clear’ but adding a few files with different file names, and the it will start accepting more of the original file name.

Sometimes I need to quit out of the program and when I reboot it show different waveforms in the events (the events don’t change size and remain in the same place) Also once events have been replaced they become a horrible digital static which isn’t shown on the waveform graphic.

Clearly this is a major bug, can anyone recommend the best way of reporting this to Steinberg?

Sorry, the error message is ‘Cannot convert this type of file!’

See atttached image for an example, note the single hit waveforms at the top left and bottom, all were different pieces of audio when dropped in.