Filling gaps between events

Hi there,

we do a lot of audiobook work. There are hundreds of edits and uncountable gaps between edits which I want to fill with the room tone of the recorded studio. Is there a possibility to automate this?


Huh, I don’t know of any way but I’m quite new in Nuendo-land. This would really be a great thing. If you have enough room tone, then just have some macro that fills in all the gaps with this long room tone event and trim it to the correct length. That would be great. Let’s see if anyone else knows something about this.

I do tons of audiobook work. I don’t know about automating room tone replacement after the fact, but it seems like something the logical editors might be able to do…if you can trust the cuts and transitions, replacement-wise (I wouldn’t). I’ve long wished for a range-like tool that could paste a dedicated sample of RT. But we don’t have that.

I edit with room tone, using a range-tool based macro I got here either from Fredo or the long-missed Kid Dropper. The workflow:

  1. Assign macro (below) to a convenient key. I have mine assigned to the click wheel on my mouse.

  2. get a good 20 or 30 second chunk of room tone and put it on a track. “Fill to Loop” your roomtone to extend to the length of your longest chapter. Make sure there’s no click between the adjacent clips.

  3. Edit with the range tool in shuffle mode, replacing RT as necessary, using the macro (it deletes the range you’ve selected and replaces it with the RT from the track below-- make sure that track is directly adjacent).

The macro (Insert Room Tone):

Edit - Snap Type: Grid
Navigate - Down
Edit - Copy
Navigate - Up
Edit - Delete
Edit - Paste
Edit - Snap Type: Shuffle

Works for me… good luck!

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 7.25.11 AM.png

Here’s how it looks in the Arrange Window.

Macro In Action.png

Izotop RX5 advance is your friend.

after creating a very long room tone event, place it on top of your Voice track and remove duplicates.

My take would be:

  1. create a continuous room tone track, of the length of the edited track
  2. enable “preferences-editing-delete overlaps” (pro tools style editing)
  3. drag the edited track events over the room tone track. all the gaps will be filled with room tone.
  4. check transitions.

You could also just make a lane of roomtone and plop it in as a secondary take in multiple lanes view-- gaps will be filled by room tone that way. But that would be triage, with all the checking back… better to nip it in editing, IMO!


Just wanted to thank you for sharing this one. I had for some reason resorted to using macros triggered outside of Nuendo and never went back to check this, but this is more reliable and faster, so, big thanks!

It has enhanced my working life immeasurably. May you macro in good health.



thanks to everyone who has participated in creating a solution regarding my post. In between I activated my brain and wrote a macro which is very effective to fill gaps with one selected audiofile. Here is how it works:

  1. Select the audiofile or the region of an audiofile that you want to use
  2. Copy it via command-c
  3. select the resolution of the nudge = 1 frame - or as you like
  4. position the cursor in the project window at the start of the first event.
    execute the Macro
    the result will be that the gap betweenj the first and the second event is filled with audio and a crossfade is executed at the end of the first and the beginning of the second audio, which will give one a smooth transition. Any length of related audiofiles is possible as long as they are a bit longer than the crossfades are.

Here’s now the macro:

  1. Paste
  2. Nudge left
  3. Transport - Locate next event
  4. Audio crossfade ( length depends on nudge resolution)
  5. Transport- move 1 frame ahead
  6. Transport- move 1 frame ahead
  7. Transport- move 1 frame ahead
  8. Split at cursor
  9. Transport - Locate next event
  10. Audio crossfade ( length depends on nudge resolution)
  11. Delete

In my mind this a very effective way to fill very fast a lot of gaps between edits in voice recordings like audiobooks and the like at a touch of one button.