Filling gaps globally between events WITHOUT time warp?

Is it possible to fill in those microscopic gaps (seen only when zooming far in) between events globally without utilizing time warp? I simply want events to drag so to be larger (or smaller) in order to run precisely against one another (preferably exactly on the beat).

Essentially I’m looking for an automated way of dragging events precisely together without processing the wave forms.

Need more info. Are these events all out of time? Do their waveforms start right on the beat? Maybe a snapshot would help the viewers. If they are all out of time, there’s going to have to be some kind of commonality between them to grab on to. If not, there’s no way to do this globally without hitpoints/timewarp etc. Otherwise, you would have to line them up in time manually.

Here’s a screen shot, viewable when zoomed in on event boundaries (screen is max zoomed in). I’m trying to avoid having to cross fade to force all events flush against each other or use time warp (since it processes the wave forms and effectively bounces the wave, meaning I can’t edit outside the boundaries any more).

I don’t know how you imported these events or if they were recorded within this project but I can see that you will get noise unless you cross fade because they are not at zero crossing where you want to join them. I really can’t see how you will accomplish what you want without a lot of manual work. Joining is one thing but if you also have a timing problem, no automated command will give you a quick fix without hit points/warp.