"Filling in" rests

Hey all,

I can’t seem to find this anywhere online - is there a shortcut or option hidden somewhere that can automatically fill in rests (i.e. if I record midi input but want the notes to fill the bar)?

If there is an option to fix this in midi recording, excellent - if there is also an option to edit this after the fact, that would be fantastic as well. Thanks in advance!

You can use Write > Edit Durations > Extend to Next Note to remove gaps.

Thanks Dan!

You might be be looking for “pitch before duration” mode where basically you play the notes or chord first, then hit a duration key like say 8 to enter them as a whole note. Is that what you need or something else?

Thanks for the answer! Dan hit the nail perfectly on the head with what I was looking for - I actually use the “pitch before duration” feature often. I was looking specifically for something to extend recorded midi notes to fill the blank space left. Dan’s solution solved that one!

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