"Filling In Time" - post apocalyptic melodrama

Originally written in 2004.
(Backing vocals/haronies - Wolf Menzel, Drums - Will Bloodfarm)

Filling in Time
© 2004 Ian Rushton

Through the echoes that call
Too many pleading hands,
Now they realise that death has come too soon
Abandoned barren streets
The playground of our children
Is this the time we’ve all been waiting for?

Filling in time
Washing the stains away
What have we done?
Will there be another day?
Passing the time
Wiping the tears away
Live your life on earth
As you would in heaven

Pieces of glass lie, on the cold tile floor
Fires of this hell won’t be quenched by rain
The horizon disappears
Then you disappear
The terror strikes ya
maybe you dreamt it all?

The living blind and seeing Dead
together lie
Innocent eyes look to their
parents & cry
Is God giving us up to die?
This is the Time
We’ve all been waiting for
What have we done?
Will there be another day?

Good song, good production, good instrumentaion and good arrangement as per usual…song has very dark lyrics and just thought the chorus sounded a bit too happy for the lyrics…expected it to get more dramatic and more “darkerer”…new word!!


I have to agree with shadowfax here, I was expecting some dense heavy metal riffage but it does have a sweet sort of melancholy feel.

Great song, and nicely produced.

The vocals cut very cleanly, and the outro solo is really nicely balanced (not too OTT).

Cheers Kevin. My band does a version of a song - another I wrote around the same time as this one. A faster rockier version. I always introduce it as a “cheerful upbeat song about waiting to die”. It seems I have a habit of being too cheerful about death. :laughing: But then… who’s to say death isn’t a happy ending? :neutral_face:
As it happens just today I’ve finished an all new, and much darker version of that song for my new album project.


I played that solo back in 2004… and I’m not really much of a guitarist so as you might image I had to do a zillion takes before I had something usable. You wont getting anything overly flash or technical out of me! But I try to come up with something tasteful, and appropriate, that’s within my limited lead playing capablilties. :slight_smile:

I really liked that middle part – made me sit up and take notice! Overall, I thought it needed a LOT more bass. Snare is good! :laughing:

Well, you know you can take that snare and… :wink:
Thanks Doug. Always appreciated. :smiley:

Meanwhile, Bass… hmmm always a tricky one.