Fills for instruments

Hello all,

I have recently switched from Sibelius to Dorico and although there is quite some way to go for me (I was using Sibelius for more than 10 years) I am really excited about Dorico.
Currently I am working on a transcription for guitar of some song where there are some overdubs so the actual one guitar is playing some additional licks ocassionally throughout the song.

There are always some alternate ways to notate this (e.g. adding another player and hide the empty staves which would be perfect if it was a second musician), but since it is only the same musician these kind of additional phrases are notated in commercial transcriptions on the bottom of a page in a seperate staff often boxed and marked as „fill n“ and at the very bar there is a text indicator where it is referred to it.

Since I am new I think I still did not cover all what can be done with flows but as far as I understand the concept, flows are linear so if I would notate it as an additional flow such a fill will only be played back after the ending of the previous flow (and thus not at the same time which it should).

Thanks for your help!



Layout frames are what you likely want to use here.

Yes, Christian, you’re on the right lines: input each alternative passage or fill into its own flow, and then you can create a fill box by adding a new music frame to the relevant page in Engrave mode and setting it to show the right flow. You might find the YouTube playlist on page layout in Engrave mode a helpful resource as you look into this further: YouTube.

If you need playback for audio or MIDI export then remember that you can have more than one score (or part) layout which can have flows or players deselected - you could do one layout with your first suggested solution (an extra player for the fills) from which you take the audio, and then copy the music in the fills into separate flows which you use in a second layout (excluding the extra player) for typesetting and publishing.

Thanks all for your help!

I think I have it now covered, great architecture by the way although it takes some time to understand the whole Concept. One more Question to flows: is it possible to add flows from other Players? (obviously since one can choose it should be :wink: The reason is that I have Notation and tablature in this Player and the additional fill should only Show Standard Notation so I wanted to add a flow from a Player without tablature.

But if I do this I Always end up with “Tacet” in this flow…

What you want to do is add a layout of this player without tab, not a flow :wink:
You can easily do that by pressing the + button in the right panel, setup mode (layouts), and once the new layout is selected (highlighted blue) you simply tick the player that holds the guitar in the left panel (Players)
Set the Layout options not to show tabs in that layout (make sure you select the right layout in the right panel of layout options) and you’re all set.

Thanks Marc for your help. I tried it but I think this does not work for my goal since I would like to have actually two different Layouts for one part (so that the Guitar part has both Notation only and Notation with tablature). Or am I missing something?

I solved my issue now with really having two Players and only Show the secons Player when there is some fill-in.

You can just create a new part layout in Setup mode and assign the guitar player to it, then open the Layout Options dialog and set the Fretted Instruments options on the Players page of the dialog to your desired choice for that layout.