Film and TV Scores

I have a question with regards to writing film and television scores. Are streamers, hit points or video time codes included in Dorico in this case?

No, the first release of Dorico does not include these features, but we plan to add them in future.

As a corollary, what about the ability of attaching a video to play with/synchronize with the score? If so, what video formats are supported - hopefully .mp4.

I hope I have not ‘hijaked’ this too much :wink: but as I score for film as well, if I had to vote for priorities on everything, synchronizing the video and timecodes on the top (in various formats to match the time code the editor typically puts in the video they send me) would be my first two votes.

You can’t attach video files to the current version of Dorico. This capability can be provided by the audio engine that Dorico uses, but we will need to write a lot of other functionality around it, which will take time.

Hi Daniel,

Congratulation on the launch last night
I realise video etc is way down your to-do list , probably below large time signatures !
Might it be better to take the approach of allowing Dorico to synchronise in/out with SMPTE or MTC, rather than hosting video etc within the program. Hopefully your “friends” in Hamburg could hook this up quite quickly.
All of the studio guys I work with including Orchestrators, Engineers etc would love to see a score playback synced to the Pro Tools rig at a session.
Video playback would be handled by Pro Tools, or a software solution like Streamers (
and galley view of the full score would sync playback with the incoming SMPTE or MTC.
Apologies if I’ve hijacked the thread.


Dave Hage

No hijacking at all. Thanks for the suggestion, Dave. Once the dust settles and we have dealt with the immediate and pressing issues concerning beefing up playback in Dorico, we’ll be sitting down with the audio engine team in Hamburg to figure out the longer-term plans for these things.

Hi Daniel,

I thought as you have implemented large time signatures, I wonder if I could “prod” you about SMPTE or MTC sync.

Many thanks


Dave Hage

They have implemented markers:

This lets you get pretty close for time-based scoring without hard-syncs.

We discussed MTC with the audio engine team in Hamburg last summer as a kind of possible poor man’s video feature, if we weren’t able to get the video engine working directly with Dorico then perhaps we could get Dorico slaving to MTC being generated by Cubase, where the video would be running. But because we were eventually able to get the video engine running, we didn’t pursue this any further.

I assume that slaving to MTC rather than generating it is what you would need, Dave?