Film Music Scoring: how to isolate video track from Reverbs

Hi everybody!

I have a silly question but I think it would be useful for film composers.

I was looking for the best way in order to isolate the video soundtrack from the Output Insert Reverb I assign for the whole Orchestra because for the moment the track is included in the plugin so I hear dialogues and foley sounds with the Orchestra reverb whereas I need to exclude the video from that effect.

Thanks a lot. :smiley:

Where is the Reverb inserted? In the main output (if yes, delete it there)? Just create an effect channel and insert the reverb there (with mix 100%). Than use these effect channel as a send on the orchestra tracks.

Or, create a group track (music group) and insert the verb there. You’re probably going to want a music only stem (at least! ) anyway.

Unfortunately without intending to sound mean it’s “back to school”…
You have to try to learn and understand your tools to be able to deliver what is needed.
As a film and TV re-recording mixer, I’d get a bit scared if the person delivering a music mix didn’t know how to mix or how the program should be set up to deliver what I need.
So either you need to employ a mix engineer, or learn your tools. Signal flow and bussing is the very basic of sound know how that everyone working professionally with sound just have to understand IMHO.
Spend the time to do it properly now, or it will come to bite you in your backside in no time…

Sorry, but I did not study as Music engineer, that was not my aim anyway, I am a Composer.

Therefore I don’t waste time in the mixing process, my job is compose Classical Music and Film Music MIDI mockups, then, if I need, I pay the Scoring Stage for playing the Music I wrote.

I used to compose in Logic Pro then I switched to Cubase (which I love). But in Logic Pro the video soundtrack is never included in the composition mix by default so I never had that kind of problem.

I inserted the Reverb in the main Output where I inserted the Dynamics :laughing:

So, I though there were a way to exclude the video soundtrack from the others rather than link the reverb effect to the tracks.

In Logic Pro (as I remember) the audio track imported from the video is separated by the others, therefore it does not use the reverbs. I am not sure, I do not remember well… :unamused:

You can do it like HughH suggested, create a Group track and insert your reverb there. Then you’ve to route the outputs of your orchestra tracks to the group track. The Video soundtrack goes directly to the main output. That’s the easiest way.

or you can set up an extra output in connections, it can go to the same output as output one on your soundcard.

leave output one dry and then route all of your music to two

hope this helps