film scoring - old sound, new video

hi there,

I’m scoring a scene in Dorico and the filmmaker just gave me a new video file which contains new video and audio.
I noticed that when I over-wrote the old quicktime file with the new version in my folders, in Dorico I was seeing new video but hearing old audio.
I even dragged the old quicktime to the trash - still no luck. Detached and re-attached - still the same new video with the old audio.

The only solution was to re-name the updated quicktime file and re-attach with new file name.
Now that I’ve renamed the quicktime and re-attached, it works fine.

Which makes me wonder why?


Firstly the reason why this is happening: when Dorico opens a video file, it has to extract the audio file from it. It would take too long to do this every time you open the file, so it gets cached the first time. This code doesn’t currently have the extra logic to detect that the video file has changed and the file needs to be re-extracted.

To fix, ensure that Dorico is closed, and then you need to delete the cache folder. On Windows you can type %TEMP% into the Explorer. On mac you have to open a terminal window and type ‘open $TMPDIR’ to open the folder in the Finder. Then from the Explorer/Finder, navigate to ‘Dorico 2’ and then delete the ‘Soundtracks’ folder.

Oh cool - what are the instructions on mac?

Sounds good. Looking at the soundtracks folder, I see that Dorico creates two temp soundtrack files in there - is that for Left and Right?

Thank you!

No, one is the index file for the cache.

in my case, it makes two wav files of about similar file size… plus the index file

Ah, maybe the video file has multiple soundtracks. Anyhow, it’s fine to trash that folder when Dorico isn’t running.

Hmm now I type in $TMPDIR in Terminal and it doesn’t launch the right Finder window, how else can I get to it? thank you!

Did you type exactly this?

open $TMPDIR

forgot to type in “open” - thank you! :slight_smile:

Is it just me or is this still the case?

This is still the case.

Ok. Thank you Paul! Still love Dorico though. :kissing_heart: