Film Scoring: Video Monitor Setup?

I am beginning to do scoring for film/games in my studio. I have a dual display monitor setup currently but would like to add a third big screen front and center for viewing video while composing. What is the best way to set this up from a hardware perspective? I have been doing research on composers such as Daniel Licht (Dexter), Nathan Barr (True Blood), and others. I notice that these guys all have a nice big center monitor. I have attached a picture of my current setup. I would like to wall mount the big screen right above my two monitors. So how do I hook it up? I use Nuendo 5…

Any help would be appreciated.


buy a decklink card. either an intensity pro (cheap) or a decklink studio (less cheap) if you need the widest range of i/o and machine control.

Max -

Thanks for your reply. So would I use this to play the video from my computer to the big screen? Or would I have to have a separate player and then slave it to Nuendo?


you basically tell Nuendo to use the decklink card as your video output instead of the computer monitor. all done in Nuendo… all done easily… you may also need some kind of hdmi splitter of you going to send that signal to more than one monitor.

I also highly recommend the intensity pro. Works great, but only in 32 bit (last I checked). I guess ths is due to Apple Quicktime not being 64 bit yet?

Don’t mean to Hijack the thread…

But, does a second video card have to be a dedicated playback card like intensity pro?

I ask because I’ll be getting a new mix machine soon… I would like to put my old nvidia card in the new machine, along with the new nvidia card… tell nuendo to use one or the other to play video.
Specifically because of the 32/64 issue
Is that possible?

I don’t think you can tell Nuendo to use that as a seperate video card per se.
but I imagine you can configure so that your system sees multiple seperate monitors via the two cards, then use Nuendo on screen video and drag it to the monitor connected to that video card that you want to use.

It is possible and in fact very good.
I would just check how “old” the old Nvidia card is. It may be better to buy a cheap new Nvidia card as the second card.