Film sound and audio recording out of sync

I am having problems getting my video sound to sync up with the audio recording I have made on Cubase.

I have carefully lined up both sound recordings which are fine at the beginning. However when the sound on the video is replaced with the Cubase recording it goes out of sync with the video more and more as the song plays out.

The imported video recording is slightly shorter than the Cubase recording although they were both recorded at the same time.

Is it due to file compression from the video camera?

As I understand it the video import cannot be altered or edited. Is there any way I can adjust/reduce the Cubase recording length/time to make the Cubase recording marry up with the video?

Same problem. I have tried everything. no luck

How precisely was the video recorded?

How precisely was the audio recorded?

How precisely was the video that you have imported into Cubase made?