filter bug?

When I filter ‘top note’ or ‘bottom note’ in a triplet, Dorico selects the top note but also the 3 sign. So when I delete this ‘top note’ - it in facts deletes the triplet and messes everything up. Is this a bug, or am I doing it wrong?

It’s not a bug, and you’re not doing it wrong. If filtering notes didn’t include the triplet, it would be harder to copy passages that contain tuplets.

In the (hopefully rarer) situation you’re in, having filtered the note you then need to set the Filter Select/Deselect to Deselect (it’s a toggle at the top of the filter submenu) and then Filter Deselect the Tuplets.

I love the filtering capabilities in Dorico, but having to switch between Select All and Deselect All does slow down the process a little. It would be great if, while you have the filter menu open, you could toggle between Select and Deselect with the alt/option key or something like that. Anything that would avoid having to re-open the menu after toggling Select/Deselect would be a great time saver.

I agree with Howard. Select/Deselect filter is not equal to choosing the filtered object and making it possible to set up the filtering as wished in one go could be a time saver. For the time being, I have developed strategies not to use deselect, because it’s not that easy and also because it’s sticky and I commit errors after forgetting to change it back to Select…

Thank you for the explanation. However, continuing what Marc and Howard said, I strongly disagree that this is a ‘rare’ situation. There’s nothing more common. E.g. you have a passage with triplets and you decide to add octaves above - very easy. After a couple minutes, you decide it wasn’t such a good idea after all. Or you decide you only wanted the octaves on a part of the passage. But deleting what you’ve added then becomes a real hassle.

This complaint about not being able to filter notes without filtering tuplets has been discussed before. You may find this thread informative.