Filter(low-cut) not working with quick link (Q-Link)


when I link multiple tracks in the mix console using the Q-Link feature, I assume that all linked tracks are changed at the same time.
It works for me for ex. with EQ, but not with filters (low-cut).
If I make changes to the EQ in one of the linked tracks, all of them change, but if I make changes in the filter (setting the low-cut), only this one channel changes.
It also does not work, when I try to make my 30Hz low-cut a default preset. Every time I add a new track, it doesn’t set the 30Hz cut by default!

What is it I’m doing wrong? :confused:

Thank you very much!

I just found out for myself :ugeek: :

You always have to switch on the Q-Link function before :bulb: activating the low-cut.

If the low-cut is already activated on the channel, which should then be the template for all other linked channels, only this one channel will be changed despite the link. But if you first activate Q-Link and then switch on the low-cut, all changes are transferred to the linked channels too.

This certainly also applies to all other parameters, not just the low cut