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Hello! I want to control two VST instruments (at the same time) with the same midi keyboard. With Cubase (Pro 11) I can limit the notes that work with each instrument, so far so good. The problem comes when I use the pitchbend and the sustain pedal. I need those two functions to affect only one of the instruments. Is there a way to filter the pitchbend and sustain of the instrument track that I don’t want to affect? Either with some internal Cubase function or with a plugin. Thanks!

P.S. The VST that I don’t want to react to these CCs is the AIR Vacuum Pro, in case the plugin itself had that function, although I haven’t found it.


Use the Input Transformer:

Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Controller | Or
Type is | Equal | Pitchbend )

Action Target

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Thanks! I try but it is not clear to me :sweat_smile: Can you upload a screenshot please? :pray: Thank you.

Put the stuff Martin showed you in these places

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Don’t forget to enable the Module 1.


Thanks a lot! It works perfectly. In the end it was not very difficult :sweat_smile: Thanks again! :hearts:

I think folks often imagine the Logical Editor based tools are more daunting than they really are. But once you get comfortable with them it opens lots of powerful doors.

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