filter MIDI channel

Cubase Elements 10.5 - is there a way to filter MIDI in channels, either per track or globally?

Yes, thats certainly what the MIDI filters are for.

Thanks. the MIDI filters in preferences are global. is there a way to do it per track? or set a track to receive messages only from a specific MIDI channel?


Depends on if you are using Pro or not (which is why we encourage folks to put their system info in their sigs - hint, hint :wink: )

Input Transformerr

He / she posted his / her Cubase Version in the first post: Cubase Elements 10.5

Hello. Are there any tutorials regarding the input transformer? I’ve never had cause to use it until now, but I just bought an Arturia Keystep Pro and would like to record the midi - four channels of it - onto separate tracks. Many thanks, Mark.


Not sure if there are tutorials precisely about it - maybe on Youtube ?

Anyway, to record on a selected track, only the notes of a given channel, the process is more or less this one. Let’s say that we want to record just the notes tranmitted on the MIDI channel 3 :

  1. Select the involved track and, in the track inspector, click on the ‘Input transformer’ button (looks like a broken arrow, on the top right) and choose ‘Local’ : this way, the settings will be applied only on the selected track.

  2. In the Input transformer window, we should get something like this :

  • a) The first module is activated : activating one of the four modules is mandatory, otherwise, nothing will happen…

  • b) This is the condition on which the process will be applied. In this case, the condition is : “any channel different than 3”.

  • c) The basic process that will be applied on the incoming MIDI messages : in this case it is ‘Filter’, because we don’t want any other notes the ones on the channel 3.
  1. The settings are immediatly applied. From this, you shouldn’t be able to hear/record notes tranmitted on a channel different than 3.

Hope it will help a little…

if you take 2 minutes of your time, you might find the Input transformer presets that come included, that do just that…