Filter MIDI input by device?

It is possible to use MIDI LEARN to bind a note (NOTEON) to a specific device? My MIDI device actually identifies as two devices, one for the actual keys and one for the transport controls. Trying to program the transport controls for a few things, like ‘Advance Caret’. The problem is that doesn’t have any way to filter by device, nor do the MIDI input settings. If I map one of those buttons (which are implemented as noteon) that maps that note for BOTH the transport and the keyboard, with no way to differentiate.

No, at the moment, this isn’t possible, but it has been requested before and it is something we would like to add in future.

TBH I just ended up doing what was probably always gonna be the outcome and ordered a StreamDeck. Already bought the profile pack and tried it out on my phone, which works ok… other than me having to hold it and not having 3 hands :wink: