Filter Notes By Position In Bar

Hello All,

I’ve just updated to Dorico 4 and there are a lot of great improvements e.g. a score that previously took 3mins to condense now only takes 20 seconds!

I just wanted to ask whether it’s possible to filter notes by their position in successive bars?

In this example, say I wanted to add accents (or any other articulation really) to every chord that lands on a crotchet beat (as in the first bar), is there a way to filter these or would I have to go through and enter them manually?

I know there’s a work around with copying and pasting and locking durations, but if there’s a simpler way of doing it in Dorico 4 that I’ve missed that would be great!


There is a new Paste Articulations feature in Dorico 4. Copy the first bar, then select the remaining bars and go to Edit > Paste Special > Paste Articulations.

Ah that’s great @Craig_F . I didn’t realise it would propagate it for successive bars, very helpful.

Would still be interesting to see if one can filter notes by their position in a bar. Just another tool in the shed as it were!

It’s not currently possible, but it is something that has been requested before and it is on our backlog for future implementation.

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Ah ok, no problem Daniel. Looking forward to hopefully seeing that soon :slight_smile: