Filter notes in chords (but not single notes)

As a choir director, I work with hymnody almost on a daily basis. I’ve needed this specific filter for years, ever since I used the other notation software. I can’t be the only one.

When filtering notes in chords: 2nd note or single notes, 3rd note or single notes, etc., most often I need to filter for the 2nd note or 3rd note in chords for deletion, but NOT the single notes. I need this so I can have just the melody notes and no harmony notes.

Is it possible to create this filter for notes in chords?

Note that you can use Deselect instead of Select. This can help not delete single notes. For instance, you need to keep the hign notes and single notes, select all, deselect top notes, delete, done. It’s just another mindset :wink:

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A little round about way, but it works. Thank you Marc! Would love to see it as a built in option.


Can you set up a shortcut to speed the process?