"Filter Notes in Chords" - treat piano (T+B) as ONE chord

After I have entered chords with a MIDI keyboard divided into the piano’s treble and bass staffs, I often want to edit the resulting voicings, which are now divided over both staffs. I might for example want to apply a “drop-2” in one bar, that is dropping the second highest note one octave. If I select both staffs in that bar and then go
Edit -> Filter -> Notes in Chords -> Second Note
it selects the second highest pitch in each staff, treating each staff as representing its own chord. Would it be possible to implement an exception for this for the piano staff?
This is what is selected now:
Skjermbilde 2024-03-19 kl. 14.02.49

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Forgive me but why don’t you just select one staff? Personally, I would be navigating to the chord using arrows and then using the Select More key command (Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-A) to select all the notes in that chord (or interval).