Filter on recording and weird impulse signals

Hello everybody,
I have just acquired Cubase Studio 5 and it’s the first time I’m working with this program.

I would like to know how can I build a low-pass filter during the process of recording. I’m not asking to do it after I’ve recorded the musical samples (using the equalizer) but during the recording.

Also, I would like to know how to delete unit impulses in my audio events in a track. I’m recording the musical data from a regular musical midi keyboard and it’s giving me these extra impulse signals. However, I just can see them in the audio events of the track and not in the Key Editor (when I double-click on them). It’s very strange… The point is that I have all my recorded data overlaped by these weird impulses.

Can you help me.
Thank you in advance.
Ana Luísa

By this, do you mean to have the audio recorded with the filter applied? If so, your version would need to support the input channel being available to apply it there. Exporting a file with the EQ setting would apply it, otherwise.

Look to MIDI Filter in File-Prefs. Sysex should be the only one checked.

To have any real affect on your recorded signal a low pass filter would need to be utilised before the A/D. I also don’t think Studio 5 has input channels like C5 so it’s not an option.

Split - I’ve been putting a 40Hz high pass filter in Cubase on my input channel.

Is what you’re saying is that it really isn’t doing any good there … need to do it in the analogue realm?

Thanks -

Hello guys,
Thank you a lot for your anwers and for your clues (about the aftertouch channel - many thanks alexis). Actually, I just figured out the answer for my second question. There was an option in the musical keyboard to set the modulation and modifying it. It turns out I don’t have impulse signals anymore. :slight_smile:

Concerning to the first question, I had already been in the File -> Preferences window and I just have SysEx enable, nothing else (both in “Record” and “Thru” list) and there’s no change. I didn’t understand your discussion about the possibilities of doing this. Is it feasible with my version of Cubase?

Thank you again.
Ana Luísa

No, not really… Putting a high pass filter on the input channel of cubase will result in a file written to the drive with the filter on it. This will be exactly the same as using the same filter on a replay channel of a file that’s been recorded with no filter (assuming the filter is the first process). The difference I’m talking about is effecting the signal before digitalisation (before the A/D).

For example, if you had a signal with a lot of very low end unwanted rumble and you filtered that out before the A/D you would be able to set the level in cubase without the added low signal.

Putting the filter on in an input channel, the D/A still sees the low rumble so the digital input signal will contain those unwanted frequencies.

Once it’s been digitalised I see no difference in where the filtering is applied as detailed above.

So it’s really a matter of personal preference when this should be done if not going before digitalisation.

Of course if you’re utilising the input channels in such a way then cubase should be set to 32bitfp for best results.

Thanks for that, Split!