Filter out CC64 sustain midi values that are not 0 or 127

Hi everyone

My keyboard sustain pedal is sending values other than 0 or 127 and I can’t find a way to disable this in the keyboard’s settings.

Is there a way to filter out values other than 0 and 127 for CC64?

I’ve looked in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter settings, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to filter out specific values. Having just 0 and 127 to work with would make editing the sustain midi a lot easier


What edition of Cubase do you have? You can use the MIDI Logic Editor, but it’s not available in all editions.
Why do you need to filter out those values? Are they causing any issues?

Currently Cubase 11. Would you happen to know how to go about programming that in the LE? I am not too savvy with it yet.
Filtering out those values would make editing the sustain automation easier, i.e. grabbing nodes, moving, deleting, etc


You would need any variation of the Logical Editor (in the best case the Input Transformer), so you can make a logical operation like if ((value is > 0) && (value is < 127)) filter. But Logical Editor is Cubase Pro and Artist only.

If you can use the Input Transformer it would look like this:

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Works beautifully, thanks so much!

Here is what I used in the Logical Editor:


The Logical Editor works as the post-process. It means you record the original data. Then you select the MIDI Part and apply the process.

If you want to record already the processed data (i.e. only values 0 and 127), you can make the very same condition in the Input Transformer as @Johnny_Moneto mentioned.

I’m just mentioning this. Myself I always prefer to record the raw data, so I would also go for the Logical Editor. :wink: