Filter Pop-Over [wish]

A great candidate for pop-over entry would be the filtering in Dorico.
sel All
up stem v

filtering is a domain with so many entries that its difficult to assign a shortcut to all of them and to remember them!

love this tool


It can’t be Shift+F of course, as that’s already used by fingering, but in principle this is of course a good idea.

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specially as time goes by, more pop-overs will have the same auto complete as Shift+T

happy you like it !!

I wouldn’t even mind this kind of thing being under shift-B or something.

What, under the bars and barlines popover?

Haha, those letters are getting used up quickly!

Q, R, T, U, I, O, P, A, S, D, F, K, L, X, C, B, and M are already spoken for… am I missing any??

H is Holds and Pauses.

I was close!!

Maybe Shift-V for filter? Because V is sort of a filter shape? :nerd:

Yes, Leo. It makes no difference to me where they are, once I’ve learnt it. There could be a case for one popover for everything.

Steve, having everything under one popover would surely scupper this idea ^^

You’re right, unless there was a secret popover that had no autocomplete but that accepted anything… :slight_smile:

Dan, shift-V is used already to create new voices :wink:

Curses! Foiled again!

We need a Dorico localization in Sanskrit - 53 letters in the alphabet, not 26. Or even better, in Cambodian, with 74 letters.

Sanskrit is a wonderfully logical language - for example one of the 53 letters in the alphabet theoretically ought to exist, and there is a glyph for it, even though it has never actually been used. The only downside to the extreme logicality is the grammar - the definitive book on this (written in about 400 BC, and still in use) contains nearly 4,000 rules!