Filter preset?

Select Only or Deselect Only is preserved, but not the particular categories.

I suggest using a macro for that repetitive task, which includes switching to deselect mode in the filter, apply the filters and switch to select mode in the filter again.

Your title is a provocative one, even if your request is relatively straightforward. I’d love it if we could create custom filters that would select/deselect multiple items. Consider this a FR. Perhaps we could have a little dialogue that would allow us to select any combination of filter parameters and save it as a custom filter that would then show up at the top or bottom of the master list and/or permit us to thereafter assign a shortcut.

I’ve never before been accused of being provocative!
Yes, I agree this would very helpful. My situation is straightforward – in a sense – but when working on large-scale symphonic music, I frequently find myself moving passages around, and it becomes tedious, regularly having to select the relevant filter options.

A Stream Deck really makes short work of this sort of thing. I have two buttons labeled Yes and No (Select Only and Deselect Only), and then about a half-dozen labels for common filters. Tap tap.

Lol, I only meant “provacative” in the sense that it “provoked” (read: inspired) me to think of custom filter presets. Not that there’s anything untoward. Perhaps I could have chosen my words better lol. Sorry.

And Dan, true, streamdeck can really streamline things. That said, not everyone has one or can afford one, and targeted deselecting or selecting isn’t the same as being able to call up a custom-configured filter all in one go. I think it should still be considered for all those who don’t have a SD, or don’t have one everywhere (mine is at work, but I don’t have one at home, and I’m sure there are laptop users who use one at their desk but not on the go).

I just got the Streamdeck XL with the Scoring Notes template and it’s a treat.

You can also get a X-Keys for less money (and no dynamic keycaps) and use KeyboardMaestro. I use both actually.

Romanos401 – don’t worry – I knew what you meant!

Good thoughts about Streamdeck. At present, I can’t use that as Elgato tell me I need OS10.14 or higher. I’m currently limited to 10.13 due to the particular video card needed to also facilitate booting into 10.6.8 for ProTools HD 8 – that’s a whole other story involving the usual rigmarole of upgrades! I’m planning a workaround for next year when Dorico may update and not run on less than 10.14.

Thanks for all the thoughts – a great forum.

As with Dan, I have key commands set for most of the Filters. Dorico can use consecutive commands, so I have Command F, then X to filter Text; Command F, then L to filter lyrics; Command F, then D to filter dynamics, and so on.

Great suggestions – I’ll take a look at this idea later. I’ve only been using Dorico for a couple of weeks, following 30 years with Finale, so there’s a good deal to take in.

Rather off-topic, but can anyone say whether should I be able to got get l.v. markings to work properly on playback? I’m using Noteperformer3.

LV ties don’t play back.

Ah, shame. I’ll stop wasting time on it! Thanks.

LV ties don’t play back automatically, but you can change the playback duration of notes without altering the score notation, either in Play mode or with the properties panel in Write mode.

I’d not spotted that. Thank you for the tip.

Although slightly off my original topic, this was mentioned above and I thought it worth following up here –

I’m thinking about getting a Stream Deck but not sure whether to get the Xl version. Too many times in the past I’ve gone for a cheaper option only to regret it later!

However, I wonder whether, from experience, more than 15 buttons are strictly necessary and also, whether having the extra buttons could actually slow you down in finding the one you need – 15 is almost under the fingers.

Any current thoughts on the best software to sort out the programming side would be welcome. I think there may have been some new developments on this recently?

I developed the Dorico Notation Express profiles ( to be pretty comprehensive, particularly for users that have to switch back and forth between Dorico and other notation programs. If you’re aiming to get things like note entry on the Stream Deck then the XL is very worthwhile.

On the other hand, if you only use it as an extension for triggering short sequences of commands and tricky menu items then the regular device may fit the bill.

For what it’s worth, in my day to day use I don’t depend on a Stream Deck for any of the Dorico functions that have a factory single-key shortcut (note values, articulations, slurs, tuplets etc.). I customise a folder of functions for the specific task at hand. For instance, at the moment I’m taking an orchestral piece and making a piano reduction, so the functions I need frequently are:

  • Paste Special > Reduce
  • Duplicate to stave above/below
  • A couple of filters
  • Change/Merge to Upstem Voice 1
  • Change/Merge to Downstem Voice 1
  • Remove dynamic from group
    and so on.

If I’m inputting then it’s more likely that what I’ll want in front of me is a select bunch of Playing Techniques (e.g. a button that tells Dorico to type Shift-P arco Enter).

All of these functions are programmed up in the Stream Deck profile, but I copy and paste them and drag them around within the Stream Deck’s own software.

The reality is that for some jobs, I really need more than 14 functions available to me (14 rather than 15 as I keep things in multiple folders and top left is always my “back” button). If everything lives in one folder, each individual function is a single button push. If functions have to be spread across multiple folders, it could be that you need three button pushes - one to get out of the current folder, another to get to the appropriate folder, another to fire the command. At that point I start to question whether it might be quicker to use the mouse.

For more advanced functionality you could set up macros in Keyboard Maestro and give them global hotkey triggers that the Stream Deck can send.

That you for such a detailed reply. I’d not realised you were involved in creating the profiles – excellent! I’m still not sure about which model I’ll get but I might go for the xl as I can always just use a couple of rows if necessary. Its probably also a little heavier and likely to stay in place e on the desk. The extra keys would also give more possibilities for other programmes such as Pro Tools.

I’d not realised that you can have several levels within Stream Deck and therefore, more buttons. From what you said, I am assuming that the software allows you to select and position the shortcuts/icons where you want them.

For me, it’s mostly about the things I got used to having easy easy access to in Finale, such as beam/unbeam and enharmonic changes – all of which were one keystroke. There are a few others which currently involve going into menus such as transpose and group/ungroup dynamics.

There are very few things miss from my 30 years of Finale and Dorico is amazing. However, two things I really miss are:

  1. Being able to click in a bar and use the up/down keys to move the bar to the previous/following system – so quick.

  2. Being able to hold down the opt+space and drag the mouse over the score to scrub through the audio – invaluable for making quick checks for errors and (with the shift key) isolating them by playing just the bar under the mouse.

Thanks again for your helpful reply.

Yes, the XL sits nicely on the desk - it has rubber feet if you like it horizontal, or a weighty stand that holds it around a 45 degree angle.

And yes, you can have a theoretically infinite number of folders and subfolders, meaning a theoretically infinite number of functions. Notation Express for the XL currently weighs in at about 400 buttons, but there are only 204 custom keyboard shortcuts under the hood, indicating that about 200 functions are actually things you can do easily from your computer keyboard (ranging from typing 6 to input a crotchet to triggering individual Playing Techniques).

The two numbered things you’ve mentioned just aren’t possible at this point. Notation Express certainly has single stroke beaming buttons and some form of enharmonic changes, though they’re unlikely to work in exactly the same way that Finale handles them. There’s certainly a “Respell Flats as Sharps” button (which filters all flat notes and then types Alt-=) and a “Respell Sharps as Flats” button (which filters all sharp notes and then types Alt–).

Yes – FInale has one key which toggles beaming on the selected notes. The bar-moving option is much less convoluted but I’ll get used to Dorico. Early days and I’m certainly not going back!

Thanks again for your help – I’ll get ordering.