Filter/Search in MediaBay by folder name


I hope if there is a search ability option in the MediaBay in the File Browser area (Left Zone). >>> just like File Explore in windows 10

Imagine that, you want to find all the folders with the name (Drums), and then from that results you want to find a specific element in those (Drums) folders.
With this ability the flow will be like this:

  • Go to the File Browser area (Left Zone).
  • Use that new search bar to filter your folders by typing (Drums). >> you will get only the folders which have name: Drums
  • Now just go to the results area and do your search as usual. all the filtering or searching you will do will be based on that (Drums) folders result.

I think this is useful because most of the external Libraries, Packs and Expansions are categorizing their samples in a folders wise. So, for example, to find all the One Shot Kick samples (Not Loop) in all the libraries, I will need first to find the folders with the name (One Shot), and then do another search inside that result.
Also, FX samples are the most annoying part as many of them are not having common names, but they always inside folders with name (FX), so if I can filter my folders to give me only (FX) folders that will make our life easier.

Best of Luck.