Filter (Search) Presets Oddity


I’ve noticed that when bringing up the presets for any of the Steinberg fx, some of the ‘results’ dialogs contain a search (real-time filter) and others do not.

I find the function extraordinarily useful, especially when I have many, many presets and need to narrow down the list. Is the ad-hoc nature of the filter intentional for some reason or is there a buried setting I’ve missed which ensures the feature is always available?


Anyone else seeing this?

I tried a handful and everyone had a search box. Are there any specific plug-ins that cause this problem for you?


Running up v6.0.3 it seems to be “VST Dynamics” & “Studio EQ” (checked the rest, all ok). Since I use these two very often, the magnitude of the problem was inflated!

I’ll take a look for user folders and delete these, that might fix it? …[Edit, couldn’t find any bearing the above names]…

They work fine here, this should be the path to custom presets (in case you are looking under app data/…):

users\user\My Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\Plug-in name\Preset file.vstpreset

If you’re on a mac I’m lost though.


I’m on a PC and regrettably the user folders don’t exist for my affected VST’s. At least you’ve answered that it’s a local problem, that’s a start. I neglected to say I’m running 64 bit, in case that has any bearing.

In the file “ContentManager.xml” located in “user/app data/…/Cubase6_64” I have a reference to the VST3 Presets folder under My Documents, it’s the second last object of the file. There’s one more reference to a VST3 Presets folder placed in Program Data but I suspect this is for legacy support of some HalionOne sound sets.
You can try to move this xml to another location and see if Cubase recreates one that solves your problem.


Thanks again for your help. The file was rebuilt on exit (deleted before running C6) but the filter didn’t return to these two elements. What a strange and intriguing problem this is. At least it’s not adversely affecting functionality, save for these two plugins.

Indeed, what windows version are you using? Did you have an older Cubase version before installing C6?

Running W7 x64 with the usual updates. Apart from one or two annoying DPC’s the system runs well. I encountered issues with other audio software a while back so C6 was installed onto a clean W7 installation. Apart from the other known bugs it’s fine - except for these two plugins’ presets filters.

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