Filter select/deselect dialog?

I have several filter shortcuts set up for quick selection, but “Select only” and “Deselect only” sometimes messes me up.

Would it be possible to have the following?

  • along bottom left corner, Filter status is shown as “Select only” or “Deselect only”
  • Shortcut option to toggle between the two

Perhaps the new “Select more” feature is the preferred method, but I do like the existing filter!

I like the idea of a single command to toggle the state of Select Only/Deselect Only. I’ll look into that. Not sure about putting it on the status bar, however, but I’ll think about that too.

I agree, this would be very interesting to speed up the workflow !

I too would like there to be a visual indicator of the select/deselect status, though I don’t care where it is.

I set up a Keyboard Maestro shortcut to do just that—a toggle. But not being able to tell what the current status is pretty much negates its usefulness.