Filter-Select Only Notes and Chords

When I filter-select only Notes and Chords, Dorico doesn’t de-select tuplets. So when I switch to Engrave mode, I don’t have anything in the properties panel to work with. I first have to Ctrl-click to de-select all tuplets.

Is this the intended functionality?

Yes. It makes it possible to copy and paste passages containing tuplets without separately selecting them.

On a somewhat related note:

I’d love to have an option to select grace notes along with regular notes…

Thanks for considering!
LiGrü, Benji

I have a very similar issue but find find that even after deselecting tuplets, I still cannot see anything for the note properties in Write mode. I want to select an entire flow of notes to create an offset for the timing. Normally for something like this I would simply add a MonoDelay for the track — actually I would add a track delay but as far as I know that or something like it is, though planned, not yet available in Dorico.

using MonoDelay with a Cinematic Strings library in both Cubase and Dorico (I’m wanting to include their piano), the notes are bizarrely doubled so if there happen to be any CSS users tuning in and know the reason for this, that would also be very helpful.

Try selecting a note on each stave (you can hopefully find a tutti and do this with a marquee selection) - but only notes - then use Select More a few times to select all the notes within the flow. Does that give you what you want?

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Sorry, I must have been asleep last night. That is certainly the easiest way to do it if you want the whole flow!