Filter settings on Spectrum Editor

There’s something that has been eluding me ever since I started working with the Spectrum Editor, and it’s the “Filter Settings” section. You have options for Bandpass/Lowpass/Highpass.

What I don’t get is: if I am specifically saying that I want to work with 70Hz to 300Hz via my selection, why do I want to introduce an additional filter? Since there’s no cutoff frequency choice for the filters, where exactly are they being applied? Are they scaled to the selection range…? If so, why do this (lol)?

Your filter selection choices definitely have an effect on the resulting spectral, but I can’t figure out what they’re doing exactly. Any illumination is appreciated :slight_smile:

When extracting the spectrum selection, it is possible to be sample accurate in time, but what about frequencies? Though it is possibly to approach frequency accuracy, most of the time your ears want a smooth transition, hence a filter with a slope eg. 24 dB per octave. Hence the Filter Setting section.

I like to see a band pass filter as a fade-in/out process in the frequency domain.

Ahh I get it – I didn’t think about the time/frequency domain issue. Makes sense, thanks PG.

By the way, I am really loving the spectrum editor. A client sent me an SFX cue recently and said “can you recreate something like this drone, but without the hi-hat?” 60 seconds later I sent them back the same drone without the hi-hat :wink: