Filter suggestion! :)

Given how flexible Dorico seems to be, I wonder if it could eventually be set to filter by notes on a particular beat in each measure? That could be a workflow-saver for many (or just me). Of course it would have to be able to ignore tied-over notes, and it would have to not freak out in senza misura material.
Just a thought.j

Yes, I’m sure we will be able to do this at some point in the future.

It does seem to offer a world of flexibility. I’ve no idea how you can do the things you can do.
Another thought: is there a restriction on the number of menus across the top from Apple or MS?–otherwise it would be really handy to have either a menu devoted to Selection/Filter or indeed each, since I find I use them a lot, and there are as yet no keyboard shortcuts for my most common operations here (no idea how typical those are for other users). (Passport Designs) Encore got round the deep menu issue by having multiple menus on floating palettes. Anything like that on the horizon?j

You know how to make your own kbd shortcuts, right? Preferences:Keyboard Shortcuts?

I’ve had mixed success with that, but the last time I tried was somewhere in 1.1x so I’ll give it another go. Thanks, Lew Buckley!j

I would like ‘select only’ and ‘deselect only’ NOT to shut the menu. I suspect this is an OS limitation, so it would be good if it was just a toggle button somewhere in the UI to click before going to the menu.

Daniel has previously pointed out that “this isn’t how menus work”, Steve. Of course it might be that the select/deselect ought not be a toggle on a menu…

Also, per other discussions, Keyboard Maestro, for Mac, gives you access to any combination of menus, actions, etc. that you might want to assign a shortcut to, including filters.

I use it extensively—something like 50 Dorico shortcuts.

Pianoleo, exactly.

I would love to be able to bind keyboard shortcuts to “Select only” and “Deselect only”

You can do exactly that, and you don’t need Keyboard Maestro to do it—you can do it right within Dorico.

Go to Preferences:Keyboard Shortcuts (Cmd-comma on Mac, Ctrl-comma in Windows, I think.)

Under Edit, find FilterBehavior; under that you’ll find both Select Only and Deselect Only.

Assign any keyboard shortcuts you like to them and they’ll always be available to you.

Thank you Lew, I did not suspect this could be done. It saves some time as you don’t have to open that side menu once to change the setting (de/select) and a second time to do the proper choice. Type the key command and choose the filter. Nice :slight_smile:

I’m a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts, so I am obviously very happy that Dorico makes it possible to use them so widely throughout the application!

Mine are shift-1 for select only and shift-2 for deselect only. These don’t seem to be used for anything else.

Thank you for this lbuckley, I had tried this a few times but for some reason never found this option… Very happy right now!

My very commonly used shortcuts–‘select top note or single notes’ and the bottom notes one–are a couple of sub-menus in, and still currently un-assignable as shortcuts by any means simply comprehensible to me.j

I’m temporarily out of commission on Dorico pending the resolution of a licensing issue (no one’s fault), but I think I had to use keyboard Maestro, mentioned above, to fix that one.

I’ve been looking at that, weighing yet another small expense and KM’s reputed complexity with the chance that maybe more customizability will appear in Dorico 1.5 . KM did it for sure?j

Keyboard Maestro does it just fine.


This is Keyboard Maestro in action, filtering upstem and then downstem voices, but it’s exactly the same principle.

Emboldened by this demonstration I downloaded KM and, after a frustrating half hour, the quality of my compositional life swiftly underwent a a great leap in peaceful productivity. Thanks, pianoleo and lbuckley!j