Filter to select only system items

New to the Forum, and not sure this is the spot for this.

Is it possible to filter for ONLY and ALL system objects? Thinking of easy way to set up a template.



There isn’t a one-click solution for this, John, no. The best thing I can think of to try would be to select e.g. the first time signature, the first key signature, the first rehearsal mark, the first tempo, then use Edit > Select More to select all of the other items of the selected types in the current flow. You can then copy them to the clipboard and paste elsewhere.

Thanks Daniel. Thought I might have been missing something, so reason for the question.

I did something similar. I was copying into an existing score. In old score, eliminated all players except the top one. Then used the System Track to select all in that sole player. Then copied this to a temporary instrument in the new score, then eliminated the temporary. That got me the works— bar lines, etc.

Actually, it’s not a big deal to look along the top stave for system items, click new ones as you go. The Edit>Select More

With this solution, I think you might have to somehow click special bar lines (repeats, etc.)