Filter type in channel strip

Hi, so I wondered what types the low pass I & II and high pass I & II in the channel strip euqalizer are.

So low/high pass I are the ones sensitive to band gain, while low/high pass II don’t react to band gain changes and seem to be just a bit lower than low/high pass I with lowest gain, probably something about -30dB.

While compared to the low/high pass of the pre section – when no inserts or other thing changing anything in between – the low/high pass I of eq section with band gain all up to +24dB seems to be the same as low/high pass 12 dB/Oct in pre.
At least the curves match in this case and it sounds the same to me.

Is there any place in the documentation where I can confirm this, or read anything more about it than “you can select an EQ type for the band. Bands 1 and 4 can act as parametric, shelving, or high/low-cut filters. EQ bands 2 and 3 are always parametric filters.”


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No idea about where you can read info, but the other thing to note is that playing with the Q setting on HPF/LPF II (and the shelf equivalents) changes the shape of the curve. You can add resonant bumps and whatnot. I find them useful.

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HPF/LPF I are regular high and low pass filters with a roll off of around 12dB/octave. With this type, adjusting the gain control produces subtle variations in the roll off curve (between around 12dB/octave with gain at maximum and around 8dB per octave with gain at minimum).
HPF/LPF II are resonant high and low pass filters with a roll off of around 12dB/octave. With this type the Q factor determines the amount of resonance for the filter.

Yeah, that’s right.


This video might be able to answer some of your questions. It doesn’t cover the filter from the Pre section, though.
Regarding the thumbnail of the video - nothing is wrong with the stock EQ of Cubase. The author asks this question in a rhetorical way.

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Thanks, it’s good to have some confirmation.

I’ll watch the video, thank you. Searching for Cubase Low/High Pass didn’t really give what I sought for, this will help, thanks again.