Filtering/Editing out note durations and/or velocities

Maybe a little leftfield - Is there any way I can filter a selectionof notes by duration, for example, by all notes equal to a semiquaver. Similarly, is there any way I can filter velocities, for example, any notes above, or below a velocity.
Thanks for any help. I could understand if this wasn’t a priority :wink:

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This has already been requested and is absolutely sensible. No doubt it’s already on the dev’s backlog.

Many thanks for this. It is not often something I ask for is described as ‘sensible.’
p.s. I will check the forum more thoroughly next time.

As in “reasonable”. Sorry if my English is not accurate enough :sweat_smile:

Marc, I am extremely impressed by the depth of your knowledge of English. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Marc
Your English is great. I enjoyed your use of the word ‘sensible.’ I think I expected my request to be laughed at.