Filtering for Options

Dear Doricoteam,

thanks for the option to filter for the options/preferences youre looking for! One question though: Why isn’t the search box in focus as default when one opens the options dialog? Wouldn’t that be even smoother without an additional STRG/CMD + L? I think it would not disturb the people who want to look through the options without the filtering, because they can still scroll and click around while the search box is in focus. Hopefully you understand what I mean :smiley:

Best regards
Stephan L.

Well, I had a bit of head-scratching once in Dorico 3.5 when some random keystrokes accidentally got into the search box for some reason, and as a result nothing at all was displayed.

I don’t think having the search box in focus by default would be a good idea for people who use the keyboard in preference to “scrolling and clicking around” with the mouse.

We may well give this a try internally and see how it feels. Despite Rob’s objections I don’t think there would be any deleterious effects for people who prefer to use the mouse.

Edit: Another thought that came to mind, is to automatically select the highest category while typing (and also show the respective page on the right or at least give an option to commit to that page via keystroke (because closes the dialog. The only working thing I found after typing is finished is + which is kinda weird. So for example Ctrl+Shift+L, , Down-Arrow-Key until you have the page you want, and then you instantly can Ctrl+F and type something again).

Also, when cycling through the results with Arrow-Key at the moment, one gets no visual feedback on the left-hand-side in which subcategory you are (try it with chord symbols in Engraving Options and you know what I mean :wink: )

By the way, I’m not a genious ( :laughing: ). This all is more or less implemented in the Setup Mode when adding a player…