Filtering incoming midi from one specific device

I have two controller keyboards, one Kurzweil PC something and the other is an EMU xboard 25. I use the Kurzweil for playing and the emu for its knobs. Recently, however, the EMU started sending wonky pitch bend messages, I was wondering if theres a way to filter all pitch bend messages from that one incoming midi device.


It depends on your used software, but generally as mentioned hundrets of times: The input transformer…

Are those two devices merged before entering Cubase, or are you using “All MIDI Inputs” as your send to the MIDI/Instrument tracks?
The Input transformer is not device-specific, unfortunately, but, so long as your EMU isn’t also sending pitchbend that you need, then indeed the Input Transformer can filter out the pitchbend, either globally, or on a specific MIDI channel (but not a specific device).

I’m not using the EMU for pitch bend, just the knobs and low keyswitches, but still need the PC88’s pitch bend to register. I’d like to not have to do this one every single track either as I have too many.

So long as you set it up for the “Global” Input transformer, you only have to do it the once… just make sure that you have the Global Input Transformer activated for each relevant track (just one click :wink: ).

wont that also filter pitch bend from the PC88?

Sorry… I misread… I thought it was the Kurzweil that was sending the faulty pitchbend.
The only thing you can do in this case is to filter it out before it reaches Cubase, using MIDI Ox or similar.
Or (but this will only work for “regular” MIDI tracks, where you can have several all routed to the same (virtual) instrument)… Instead of using “All MIDI Inputs” as the source for your MIDI tracks, create two tracks per instrument (e.g. VSTi in the rack), one fed by the Kurzweil, and the other fed by the (filtered) EMU.