Filtering limited in Engrave Mode?

Hi all,

Please correct me if I overlooked something AGAIN, but I’m under the impression that selecting a bunch of stuff in Engrave Mode and then filtering for the desired selection doesn’t work as expected, because most of the filters are greyed out?

Thanks, Benji

That is correct. Do your filtering in Write mode and then switch to Engrave mode - your selection should remain. I’m not sure why this is, but it’s been like this since Dorico v1.

Okay, thanks Leo, so it’s not me… :wink:
Would be nice to not having to change modes just to select stuff, but being able to have Write and Engrave Mode open on dual monitors already helps, I guess…


Is there a reason why one can’t filter a lot of stuff on Engrave mode?

There is. [… :laughing: ]

I can’t remember exactly, but it has been explained that selections work in very different ways in the two modes. There are things in each mode that can’t be selected in the other one.

Also, Engrave mode is usually for making small, particular individual adjustments: if you want to make global sweeping changes, then you can probably find a setting in Engraving Options or Notation Options.

Dual monitors friggin’ rule in Dorico!