Filtering MIDI inputs and ports

In Cubase, there’s a lot more granularity over which midi device you can have as input devices.
My streamdeck was sending a lot of data to my computer, and this was causing a high degree of MIDI latency on input. I’ve locked it to one profile now, and that seems to have calmed everything down and fixed the problem, however…

It would be really useful to be able to have a greater degree of control over what devices were sending info to Dorico. If it’s on the roadmap already, great, I just thought I’d mention it in relation to this specific problem, just in case it’s useful for anyone trying to troubleshoot the latency problem in the short-term.



What about using a MIDI utility like MIDI-OX or similar? If you have too many devices sending info to Dorico, you could create a virtual MIDI port for use with Dorico, select only that virtual port in Dorico in Preferences/Play/MIDI Input Devices, and then use MIDI-OX to route the devices you want to use to the Dorico virtual MIDI port.

In Preferences > Play you can disable MIDI input devices.