Filtering/selection the MIDI input in layers zones view

I have a feature request regarding the layer zones:
Filter function on the MIDI input when defining the layer zones.

Here is a current example from me.

I have 3 midi inputs, although I only use two inputs in this song.
Midi input 1 is assigned to an organ.
Midi input 2 is divided into bass and two brass instruments.

In the Zone view it is now difficult to find out which MIDI input belongs to which sound.
Zone division is also difficult because all layers are always displayed in the background (marked here with “Organ MIDI 1”).

It would be better if there was the option to select the MIDI input (see green box). Then only the layers defined for this input should be displayed.

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It may get confusing when you edit zones while some are hidden.
You can assign colors to MIDI inputs in the Devices/Connections settings, which makes it quite simple to differ zones by input.

currently it confuses me more when I want to split a keyboard and I see the zones of the others in the background.
In the drop-down-box you could display “all” by default.

I tried it with the colors. It’s a bit better.
But I would be really happy if I had a choice to select an MIDI-Input.
Kind regards, Heiko

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