Filtering the top note also includes cross-staff notes


I have a piano part with a melody and chord at the right hand, and an arpeggio at the left hand, crossing often to the top staff.

When selecting the top staff, and filtering the top note of a chord, not only the top note of the right hand is selected, but also the notes crossing from the left hand.

My guess is that notes from the left hand shouldn’t be included.


When a note is crossed to another staff in Dorico, it is truly considered to be on the staff on which it appears, so it will of course be selected if you select the notes on that staff. This is as intended, and is not something we will be changing.

I understand, Daniel. However, I hope there is a chance to split this command into two separate commands: one working as it is now, and another only limited to the original staff.

The typical use case would be, for me, when you are working on a virtuoso piano piece, where the arpeggio is split into the two hands, while the right hand continues to play the main melody. This might also mirror sometimes to the left hand, with the melody to the bass.

You might want to adjust the velocity of the melody only; being able to only select the topmost note of the right hand would allow for quick selection of the melody, without selecting notes from the split arpeggio.

Rachmaninov, again:


I suggest you select a note in the voice you’re interested in and then use Shift-Command-A (Select More) to select the remaining notes in that voice in the bar, then use the filter.